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ATX Reset Adapter Description

This product is an accessory item for use with the PC Watchdog timers. It is used for adding a reset header (2 Pin) to PCs that do not have a reset header on the motherboard.

The ATX-20 & ATX-24 Reset Adapters for industry standard PCs consists of a 6" ATX power cable extension with a small circuit board attached that is enclosed in protective insulated plastic cover. A small portion of this board is exposed to allow access to a 2 pin header which connects to the reset header of our PC Watchdog timer products. It allows a PC to be reset by momentarily removing the Power Good signal from the power supply to the motherboard.

New Adaptor for Proprietary Dell PCs.

Effective June of 2011 we have released a version for Dell Optiplex and other models that use a non-industry standard mini-ATX connector. The Dell version is a 3.25" long assembly that also has a small circuit board with a 2 pin reset header.

The adapters can also be used by themselves to reset a PC if your cabinet has a reset switch, but the motherboard does not have a reset header.

ATX-24 Pinouts

Pin Signal Wire Color Pin Signal Wire Color
1 +3.3V Orange 13 +3.3VDC
(+3.3V Sense)
2 +3.3V Orange 14 -12V Blue
3 COM (GND) Black 15 COM (GND) Black
4 +5.0V Red 16 Power On Green
5 COM (GND) Black 17 Com (GND) Black
6 +5.0V Red 18 COM (GND) Black
7 COM (GND) Black 19 COM(GND) Black
8 Power Good Gray 20 -5V1 White
9 +5V Standby Purple 21 +5V Red
10 +12V Yellow 22 +5V Red
11 +12V Yellow 23 +5V Red
12 +3.3V Orange 24 COM (GND) Black

ATX-20 Pinouts

Pin Signal Wire Color Pin Signal Wire Color
1 +3.3V Orange 11 +3.3VDC
(+3.3V Sense)
2 +3.3V Orange 12 -12V Blue
3 COM (GND) Black 13 COM (GND) Black
4 +5.0V Red 14 Power On Green
5 COM (GND) Black 15 Com (GND) Black
6 +5.0V Red 16 COM (GND) Black
7 COM (GND) Black 17 COM(GND) Black
8 Power Good Gray 18 -5V1 White
9 +5V Standby Purple 19 +5V Red
10 +12V Yellow 20 +5V Red

Note 1: -5V is not included on newer ATX power supplies.

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Part# Description Price
1100-20 ATX-20 Reset Adaptor $15.45
1100-24 ATX-24 Reset Adaptor $17.95
1100-24DM Dell Mini ATX-24 Reset Adaptor $22.95

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Industry Standard ATX 24 Reset Adaptor proprietary Dell Mini ATX Reset Adaptor
Industry Standard ATX-24 Adaptor Dell Mini-ATX-24
Proprietary for Dell only